Friday, June 13, 2014

06/13/2014 Morning 5 miler

Well, it is pouring like a mother outside.  Consequently, I just finished up a 5 miler in my gym is about 44 minutes.  It is not the most ideal setting, running around my gym hundreds of laps.  However, it's better than not running and I do notice that it works the muscles in my feet a bit more since I am turning constantly.  

I have read recently, more information on preventing plantar fasciitis with foot strengthening exercises involving rolls in foam rollers, lacrosse balls, etc.  As I sit here writing, I have a lax ball under each foot and I am rolling it out.  I have never had plantar fasciitis, but I know several people that have and it sounds like it sucks.

Grab a ball and roll it out.  Tennis balls can be used, but I have read that they aren't as strong.  I would imagine that if you had one of those super bouncy balls from when you were a kid (or steal one from your own kids), that would work well too.

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