Tuesday, June 10, 2014

06/10/2014 Evening 5 mile run

I ran 5 miles tonight, in muggy weather, and feel good about my pacing.  I ran a 8:07/mile pace, finishing in about 40:35 in total.  I was looking to do some hill work early in the week, however, I have a weird feeling in my right hamstring and do not want to do anything to it.  Luckily, I did not even feel it on the run.

I am pretty sure it all stems from my weekend warrior status in old man softball.  The first game was this past Sunday.  I do a lot of sprinting around the outfield and on the bases.  Consequently, every once in awhile I feel a little twinge, back off a little, get settled in, and resume running and speed work.

I hope you enjoyed the post from earlier.  I really feel it is a good way for people to get their nutritional intake headed in the direction they want.  It's all about choices and commitment.

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