Friday, June 6, 2014

06/06/2014 Morning 10 miler, fast finish

This morning, after a day off yesterday, I was determined to stretch it out farther than I have been doing. I set out with the intention of assessing where I was after 8 miles. Well, when I got to 8 miles, I felt good. I decided to pick up the pace and put in a fast finish for a 10 mile run. It took me 1:21 to finish 10 miles. That works out to a pace of 8:06/mile. However, I did the last mile in 7:38. Regardless of how that works out, I am happy to have pushed it on the end of a long run. The benefits of that are tremendous for me heading into long runs, races, pushing myself to do more.

 Being outside, off the treadmill now for a few weeks, I am really starting to appreciate the nice weather and running in general. I am determined to run more, to run smarter, and to stay healthy so I can enjoy what I have out there. I continue to listen to podcasts on AthleteonFire and just learned today that one of his guests, Ben Tanzer, grew up in Binghamton, 15 minutes from me. Pretty cool. Check out the website and his inspiring work.

 Enjoy your day and your run.

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