Monday, June 2, 2014

06/02/2014 5 miles on a cranky left knee

I don't know if it was the sprint I did yesterday or simply that I have been running a few days in a row, but my left knee was sore for the first half mile or so today and now that I am done as well.  I was planning on hitting 6-8 miles today since it is so nice out and I have been ramping up my training.  However, after nearly stopping very early due to serious soreness, I kept my run at about 43 minutes and 5 miles.  

Since it felt better once I began to loosen up and it didn't hurt at all during the majority of my run, I am telling myself its arthritis and/or simply overuse from several days in a row.  Tuesday looks like a day off to me!  

I may try to do some upper body strength stuff tomorrow as I have reall;y neglected strength training as of late.  I am thinking I will rotate a circuit of upper body and core exercises like farmer's walks, planks, push ups, pull ups etc.

Let's hope a lot of Advil/Aleve, ice, and rest fix me up!

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