Sunday, June 1, 2014

06/01/2014 PM Sprint workout

Tonight, instead of a traditional jog or run, I did a sprint workout to get some leg turnover in.  I did about 15 to 20 sprints with walk recoveries.  The sprints were about 80-110 meters.  I really just used these sprints to get some speed and quick turnover of my strides.  

It really doesn't matter who you are or what your fitness is (within reason), running fast is good for you.  It helps your fitness levels, your running form, it burns fat, and it feels good.  A little walk recovery or slow jog in between gives you a break and you repeat as many times as you want.  

A lot of people simply write off running fast simply because they think that they aren't fast.  It doesn't matter if you are "fast" or not, run your version of fast and you will improve and get stronger.  It also builds muscles in your legs and your cardiorespiratory system benefits from the fatigue and rest periods.

For a starter workout, try this:

5-10 minute jog to warm up
Run a straight length for about 12-15 seconds
Walk or slow jog back to the beginning
Repeat as many times as you can 
5-10 minute jog to cool down

If you can go to a track, run the straight aways and walk/slow jog the turns.  This would equate to 100 meter sprints and 100 meter recoveries.

The key to this is to run fast, have fun, and do not judge yourself by your speed.  All you have to think about is that you are doing something for yourself, while some other dude/dudette is sitting on his/her couch eating potato chips.  Be proud of yourself for going out of your comfort zone.

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