Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Running faster for everyone, not just those that are already fast!

So I read a great article here, Competitor Online.  It breaks down to this, without all the stuff you may not understand.  If you want to run faster, train your feet, legs, and brain to do so.  People I talk to all the time think that only fast people can get faster.  Also, that once you get to a certain age, you cannot be fast anymore.

First, anyone can get faster.  That doesn't mean you will be Olympic fast, but you can get faster.  Also, when you do some of the things needed to achieve speed, the double secret bonus is that it helps with weight loss if you want to kick a few pounds.  I am going to paste what I believe is the most important part of the article for you, the examples of the work needed.  Basically, its training your feet and legs to fire faster.  Feel free to read the whole article, it isn't long.  Aim to do these drills a couple times a weak, just after warming up.  The goal is for you to be totally fresh and do these drills with precision/accuracy.  Enjoy!

Footwork Drills

“One of our favorites is box tappings,” Walker said. “This drill was probably stolen from some of our soccer athletes, who were actually doing the drill for footwork quickness on, or around, the ball.”
Box Taps: Standing 6-12 inches behind a box or riser (4-6 inches high), bend slightly forward (10-15 degrees at the ankle), and alternate tapping the box with the balls of your feet. Work on proper positioning (center-of-mass over box, dorsiflexion of ankle, long spine angle, and reciprocating arms) before trying to increase frequency. “Use this in buildups of 10-40 seconds, resting five times as long as the set to ensure you are working for speed and not endurance,” Walker said. Perform twice a week. Check your progress by counting taps every third week.
Ladder drills: Move through the ladder by firing both feet into each rung, doing two sets. Then move to single-leg drills by passing through while firing only your left foot, keeping the right foot outside the ladder. Repeat with right foot firing. Once you’ve mastered this, start adding accelerations coming out of the ladder.
Starts And Sprints: “I practiced my reaction time and race starts with repeats as short as 50 meters; this taught my muscles and my brain to fire and react more quickly, as opposed to just running faster,” Gonzales said. Repeats below 50 meters work too, as Walker is a fan of fly-in 20’s.


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