Friday, May 30, 2014

05/30/2014 AM 7 miler with motivation

I just finished up a good 7 mile run at a pace of about 8:55/mile.  I think it is my slowest pace in a long time during a run.  I am quite happy about it.  An overall theme of mine is the need for varying pace, this recovery pace is one that is important, but often overlooked.

As I ran my 7 miler this morning, I listened to Scott Jones AthleteonFire podcast and Weekend Warrior show.  It is a big motivator and method of inspiration for me.  Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about motivation a lot.  Along with a lot of people, I go through periods of struggling with motivation.  In trying to figure this out, I have been thinking a lot about internal and external motivation.

In a nutshell, external motivators are things like running so you win races, or because your coach tells you to, or trying to earn a scholarship, etc.  Outside factors.

Internal motivators are things like doing something like sports, performing, because you love it.  Also, maybe you feel satisfied after a workout, or are excited to simply run a race.  This is inside stuff, motivating factors in your mind and body.

I'm not here to tell you what should or shouldn't motivate you, because I fall into both of those categories above.  What I do want you to think about, is what is motivating you in the moment.  Sometimes, a little push in a different direction can give you the motivation you need.

Right now, I am stuck in a little rut running the same route over and over.  My fallback is the race I am doing in July and my need to prepare.  Also, the podcasts I listen to.  One I dragged myself to start my run, the podcast took over.  I forgot where I was running and listened.

Finally, look for a good book to motivate you.  Running books always do it for me.  There are a million of them out there.  Start with the ones from my earlier post here:

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