Tuesday, May 20, 2014

05/21/2014 PM 8 mile run

Tonight, I had an 8 mile run at a pace of 8:00/mile.  I hadn't stretched it out in a little bit and felt strong starting.  Interestingly, I began to get a cramp about 2 miles in and carried it for just about the remaining 6 miles.  I am lucky in that I generally do not get cramps, or side stitches, whatever you like to call them.  About 1-2 times per year, that's about it.  

Looking back at the run, I could probably stretch it out to 13-15 miles, so I feel good about where I am at.  Two things on the agenda for the rest of the week, a strong Fartlek run, a homemade foam roller.  

Later tonight or tomorrow, I will be going to Facebook to look for your thoughts on your favorite tunes to run/workout to.  Please fill me in on what you like when the time comes and I look forward to compiling the info I get and posting a list of your top selections.

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