Friday, May 16, 2014

05/16/2014 PM 6 mile run

As I build up the fitness, I start to set lower levels on my training.  I was thinking about this during my 6 mile run just now.  When I first pick back up after a month or two if I happen to take that long away, I generally use a 30 minute run as a baseline starting point.  This is not to say you should or to judge people starting with less or more.  It just fits.

Now that I have a stronger base, I look at the 45 minute run or the 5 miler as my base easy run.  Today, I ran a 6 mile run in about 51:00.  It felt good, fluid.  Some of the great podcasts from AthleteonFire have really been keeping me in the zone focused.  

The reason I mention the length of base runs and what not is that as you may begin to build a base, progress with your run timing and routes.  Changing up run pace, length, etc. is beneficial to your mindset, your body, and your motivational levels.

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