Monday, May 12, 2014

05/12/2014 AM 6 miler with interval hill sprints

It is beautiful outside.  It's sunny, 80 degrees and I just killed a good workout.  I ran a 6 mile run with interval hill sprints infused.  I started with a set of 5 sprints up a short, steep hill.  It is about 50 yards from bottom to top.  After the five sprints, I ran a mile at about 8:15ish/mile.  After the mile, I did another set of the hill sprints.  I did this a total of 6 miles and 6 sets of 5 hill sprints.

My total workout was about 56 minutes.  It was 6 miles and 30 sprints up the hill.  I hope to get in a second jog this evening, gaining some mileage to bank for the week.  It has been a couple strong weeks in a row and I want to continue to build as the weather has seemed to turn the corner.

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