Sunday, May 4, 2014

05/04/2014 PM 9 mile workout, 3-2-1 Intervals from

Tonight, I tried out a new workout that was sent to me by Scott Jones from  I have referenced his site many times and Scott continues to crank out great stuff.  I asked him for some tips for a good, simple interval workout and he told me to try this:

Warm up- I did a half mile jog.

Then do 10 sets of the following series:

3 minutes at 75% effort, I did 7:30/mile pace
2 minutes at 85% effort, I did 7:00/mile pace
1 minute at 95% effort, I did 6:30/mile pace

Finish with a half mile cool down.

It worked out to be about 8-ish miles plus the warm up and the cool down.  As Scott has mentioned in some of his podcasts about similar workouts, another great idea of this workout is that you can do it with a variety of aerobic workouts.  I used the treadmill, but you could use a stationary bike or swim the workout, elliptical, elliptiGo, etc.  

It felt good to push the pace and also to get in a strong, longer interval workout. 

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