Saturday, May 3, 2014

05/03/2014 PM Negative Split 4 Miler

After a wonderful First Communion for Megan today and the party to follow (super well planned by Maura), I had a good 4 miler with a negative split.

For those that aren't familiar, a negative split simply means doing the second half of your run faster than the first half.  I am a big fan of the negative split run mainly for the aerobic gains, but also for the challenge.  

I ran the first two miles at a pace of 8:15/mile.  At the 16:30 mark, I dropped the pace to 7:45/mile.  Overall, it equated to a 4 mile run in 32 minutes, an 8:00/mile pace.  However, I slow it down to start and speed it up to end and it makes it a stronger run.

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