Monday, April 28, 2014

04/28/2014 PM 5 mile run

That felt good.  I just wrapped up a 5 mile run in 37:39.  I used my Nike Sportswatch to keep track and averaged 7:31/mile for my run.  I especially like that when I connect it to my computer, it lets me see the route, mileage totals, as well as the breakdown of what I ran each mile in.  

I finished my run today with mile 5 at a pace of 7:22/mile.  More often than not, I finish fast.  I think it's because I get bored on some routes, so I speed it up to be done.

My apologies for being so sporadic lately.  I have been super busy lately with life and I am done with the treadmill for the season.  I cannot stomach it at this point.  I need days like today.  Sunny and at least not freezing.

Also, I listened to AthleteonFire today as I ran.  Scott does a great job talking with elites in a variety of sports and relating it to mere mortals and gives us normals some takeaways for fitness, business, and life.  Check it out.

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