Monday, April 21, 2014

04/21/2014 PM 7 mile run

I channeled my inner Meb this afternoon and got in a great 7 mile run with a fast finish.  It is beautiful outside and I enjoyed running in the sun.  My thoughts for the run were based solely upon those doing, enjoying, and suffering through the Boston Marathon today.  Once again, Congratulations to Meb Keflezighi for an awesome win.  

I continue to use my Nike Sportswatch for my outdoor runs and love the info it provides.  Here are my splits for the run:

Mile 1-  8:21
Mile 2-  8:30
Mile 3-  8:17
Mile 4-  8:16
Mile 5-  8:10
Mile 6-  7:48
Mile 7-  7:15

My first thought is, after going up slightly for mile 2, I got faster every mile forward.  I am pumped that I finished with a 7:15 mile.  I'm not going to lie, it hurt a bit.  However, I like finishing fast and I really think it's beneficial for a multitude of reasons.  If for no other reason than to train you to accept the pain.

Hopefully you DVR'd the Boston race and catch watch it.  I know a lot of what happened already, but I cannot wait to see the race unfold and to hear the stories of triumph and perseverance.  Plus, since I ran 7 miles today, I am going to enjoy some Easter candy while I watch!  Win Win!

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