Friday, March 21, 2014

Simple, healthy breakfast option that tastes great

Here is a breakfast option that is fast and easy.  It also happens to be healthy for you too!  

2 Eggs
1-2 Tbsp Salsa
Cooking spray
Small frying pan

In a bowl, scramble up the 2 eggs.  Add in a tablespoon or two of your favorite salsa.  I don't really care which brand, but I do make sure the one I pick doesn't have a lot of sugar.  Sometimes the companies sneak in extra sugar to sweeten it up and make it taste better.  Go with a basic, no extra sugar variety.

On the stove, heat up the small frying pan that you sprayed with non-stick spray.  Dump in the egg/salsa mix and cover, cooking on low/medium.  After a couple minutes, check it out.  When the top isn't soupy, use a spatula or try this, and flip it over.  That is not me in the video, but that is how I do it!

After you flip it, cook it a couple more minutes on low.  A little salt and pepper and a banana or an apple on the side and you have a great nutritional start to the day!

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