Friday, March 7, 2014

Comments, Comments, Comments...

Well, this blog is a work in progress.  Sometimes it feels like I am writing to an audience of crickets, but hey, it's a growth process.  As I research ways to increase productivity and draw readers, I learned a valuable tip that I now have taken advantage of.  

It is now possible to leave comments for articles, posts, recipes, etc. without signing into google, or any other account.  I know from experience that can be annoying.  Also, please forward posts or email them to people, help me get out there!

So what does this mean?  Easy, all three of you that read this blog will find it much quicker to write me and tell me how awesome I am!

1 comment:

Noreen Karcher said...

your posts are motivating to me. I have created 2014 goals and I'm trying to find a marathon (maybe) or a 1/2 to run this year. Thanks and keep up the posts I enjoy them. I'm not so sure about putting a whole lime in for smoothy though.