Friday, March 28, 2014

03/28/2014 AM Run

My heels are sore from running in a circle on wood for hundreds of laps.  I just finished up a 45 minute run and got around 5.5 miles in or so.  I run slower than yesterday, but still a decent pace.  It went well except for the heels.  They are a little sore.  I am guessing its from now almost 13 miles running on hard wood in a small circle over and over and over.....  It is what it is though.  I am glad to get some running in.  

At some point, spring and summer have to get here.  It's literally a fact.  I keep telling myself this.  At least by June it will be nice, I hope.

On a side note, if you haven't gotten a chance yet, head over to AthleteonFire for some great podcasts, workouts, etc.  Scott does a great job with everything he does.  

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