Thursday, March 27, 2014

03/27/2014 PM 7.5 mile run

I wasn't planning on taking 4 days off from running in a row.  It was more a product of cold weather, busy work days, and treadmill freeze.  However, when I started my run today, I immediately felt fresh and strong from the mini vacation.  I ran an hour at a good 8:15/mile pace.  7.5 miles never felt so easy.  It is a product of building my fitness the last few months and it shows you, rest days are good.

People often freak about not running for a couple days or having an injury/soreness keep them out for a week or two.  The truth is, even up to 2 weeks or so without running, you will not see a drop in fitness.  Actually, the rest of a few day to a week would probably increase your fitness through recovery.  

That being said, I have been irritated by not being able to run for 4 days.  That may be a product of our winter that won't F-ing end though!

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