Tuesday, March 18, 2014

03/18/2014 PM Jog with Inclines

Second run of the day went well.  I slowed my pace down a bit to 8:45/mile since I had already ran today.  However, I started at 3.5% incline and I added .5% each mile for 5 miles.  Consequently, my run went like this broken down by mile:

Mile 1, 3.5% incline to 8:45
Mile 2, 4.0% incline to 17:30
Mile 3, 4.5% incline to 26:15
Mile 4, 5.0% incline to 35:00
Mile 5, 5.5% incline to 43:45

My focus during the jog was on maintaining my posture and keeping my hips under my body, not letting them slip out the back.  The easiest way to feel this is to consciously keep it from feeling like your butt is sticking out.  Turn your lower abs/pelvis forward.  It also helps to keep your shoulders back as well. 

The easiest thing to do when you are climbing and starting to fatigue is to lose your posture and your body just continues to break down and slow down.  This is a good time to mention core exercises like planks, push ups, etc. will all help posture during hill climbing.  Oh, and mountain climbers!

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