Tuesday, March 18, 2014

03/18/2014 PM Fitness Run

I just finished up a 25 minute run I squeezed in at lunch.  A 3 mile run a day after I got in a 10 miler feels good.  I stretched out the legs at a quicker pace than just jogging.  

I hope the temperature stays up enough that I can get on the treadmill tonight for a 45 minute run and squeeze in 5-6 miles.  I only have about 2 months of training time left before the Ridgewood Run.  

My first 10K could be my only, so I want to be ready to do well.  The 6.2 mile distance doesn't really appeal to me except that I have never done it and that I am planning to do the 10K and the 5K that day.  
On a separate note, get out and walk, jog, exercise, etc.  The Active Lifestyle can begin anytime you are ready mentally.  There is no secret there.  You do not need to be a competitive athlete to be an active, healthy individual.  Do it for yourself.  

Go do some mountain climbers!

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