Saturday, March 15, 2014

03/15/2014 PM 4 mile jog

Tonight, I got a 4 miler in at a 3% incline for the duration.  I kept the pace at my comfort zone, 8:15ish/mile.  After doing the intervals yesterday, I really just wanted to shake out the muscles and loosen up.  The workout was a total of 34 minutes.  

Tomorrow is my first long run test in quite a while.  I am planning to run a 10 miler at a similar pace to tonight.  Now that the weather hopefully is turning from arctic zone to at least bearable, I am going to crank up the weekly miles.  It will however, be important to add rest days.

As your training starts, or continues, feel free to email me or post on the Facebook page any questions you have.  Also, feel free to include workouts, runs, recipes, etc. you want to share.  I am always looking for stuff to try food wise or running wise.  

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