Tuesday, March 11, 2014

03/11/2014 PM 7 mile run, fast finish.

Tonight, another mild temp night, another run on the treadmill.  I set my incline to 2.5-3% throughout the first six miles and ran at a pace of 8:15/mile.  The same as last night, but a mile longer.  The big difference tonight besides that, was mile number 7 that I finished fast.  

At the 49:30 mark, after 6 miles, I dropped the incline to the bottom setting of 1.5%.  I then kicked up the speed and ran the final mile at 5:50/mile pace.  That is screaming fast for a final push, but also a great way to build strength and speed for late in a race.  It also is the pace that I would like to hold for a 5K in the fall of 2014.  That pace would translate to a 5K time of 18:07ish.  

How does this work into your plan?  Finish fast for yourself at a test pace that makes sense.  Whether you are on a treadmill or not, decide to turn up the speed to finish.  Even if it is only for the last 30 seconds or so, it builds strength and confidence.  It's a great start.  I didn't start out by finishing fast for a mile.  

You have to start somewhere.  Your starting point is great because it's right for you.  You answer to no one but yourself.  Build yourself up!

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