Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 2 of Rest

Today is my second day of complete rest.  Yesterday I was pretty much spent from head to toe.  I was tired and lethargic.  I'm not talking like lethargic like I am chronically ill or anything, just beat from a lot of working out.  I took yesterday off and decided today wouldn't be a bad idea.

In addition to my high speed stationary bike sessions, I really think these random day or two day stretches that I take off completely are very important to me staying pretty much injury free for years.  It's important for the body to have time to rest.  Whenever you train hard for a race or just a significant stretch of time, your body begins to suffer.  

It is ok for you to take a day or two off.  Nothing is going to happen.  It's not like your training is going to fall off dramatically from this.  Even some elite athletes take a day here and there to clear the mind and body.  All elite athletes take a couple weeks off at the end of a season.  

In fact, research shows that it takes weeks for a fit individual to begin to lose any significant level of cardiovascular fitness or strength.  A day or two is good for you.  

I also like to pair these breaks with crappy weather when I can.  Its a cold stretch right now, so double bonus.  I would probably have suffered through the lethargic feeling for at least a simple jog if it was a good weather day.

Do you take a day when you don't feel good?

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