Thursday, February 27, 2014

02/27/2014 AM Run

I just finished up an hour long jog.  Although I did it as a million laps around the gym, it felt great.  Other than knowing I went for an hour, I have no other data.  I didn't count laps so I have no idea how long I ran distance wise and consequently, I cannot figure out my pace.  I simply ran a comfortable pace.  

At the end of the hour, I did speed up and run the last 5 minutes at a quicker pace.  I did this simply for fun.  It feels good to run fast and I love finishing quickly.  It makes me feel good about my fitness and there are research based articles that show finishing fast, negative splitting, etc. all have cardiovascular benefits.  

I suggest every person that runs should drop the watch once in awhile and run for comfort.  I personally used to hate doing it, but now I feel like it removes the stress I sometimes get about holding paces and what not.  I can get past that stuff and just have fun running for that day.  Plus its harder to have a bad day if you aren't paying attention to time! 

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