Saturday, February 22, 2014

02/22/2014 PM Workout

As promised, I did not run tonight.  I stuck to my decision and rode the bike for a good fast session of about 21-23 MPH.  The legs feel good after a couple days running in a row and not a quick bike ride.  I want to run a lot, but I am going to be smart about it and build up with a proper amount of rest/recovery days.  In 2013, I took stock of rest and recovery and make a concerted effort to embrace it when I felt I needed it.  

Last year was a great year of running accomplishments for me.  I set my 5K PR (18:55), ran my first marathon (3:28:43), ran a brutally bizarre race (Running with the Devil), and stayed healthy throughout.  I have no complaints about 2013.  This year I have big goals including PR attempts in the three above races as well as the half marathon distance.  My focus on nutrition and overall fitness at the beginning of this year hopefully will put me on the right track for these events.  

We shall see.

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