Friday, February 21, 2014

02/21/2014 PM Run

I was not going to run today since it would have been my third day in a row and I am just getting back into the swing.  However, I got to the garage, looked at the bike, looked at the treadmill and promptly got on the treadmill.  As a compromise, I toned down the pace to 8:45/mile (slow) and only did 4miles.  

It was a little slow and tedious for me at this pace, but I was glad to get in another 4 miles and feel good doing it.  I also have realized over the last few years that varying my paces during different phases of training and on different days, is extremely beneficial to aerobic capacity and muscle endurance.

I plan on writing more in depth in the near future about the different paces that are important to success in running/racing.

For tonight, it breaks down like this:

At an incline of 2.5%, 4 miles at 8:45/mile--  35 minutes

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