Sunday, February 16, 2014

02/16/2014 PM Workout

This evening, I realized how much the snow and ice removal of the last few days is affecting me.  I did my 8 station workout listed in previous posts again in 30 second sets, with 4 full rotations.  By the second set, it was apparent that I was not as loose or free in my upper body like I usually am for this workout. 

It was a struggle to complete 4 good rotations of all the exercises.  I added a set of 50 crunches to the end for good measure and rounded out with a tough 20 minute workout.  I have to say I love these compact, little rest routines.  They pack a punch, work the whole body, and do not take up a ton of time.  

Feel free to try the one I am using or email me if you would like me to devise a routine for you.  I would be happy to accommodate. 

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