Sunday, February 9, 2014

02/09/2014 PM Workout

I sucked it up this afternoon and braved the 28 degree weather.  I ran a 10K route I use a lot that features a lot of hills, both up and down.  It took me 51:03 to finish, good for an 8:14/mile pace.  

I have to say during the run, while it felt good to not be running on the treadmill, it felt like a bit of a struggle.  That being said, I did finish a hilly 10K route at 8:14 pace in cold weather.  Consequently, I am very happy with today's workout.  

I am currently putting together a list of goal race times I hope to hit this year in a variety of distances.  

Also working on an article about the day my running life changed forever.

Stay tuned!

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