Friday, February 7, 2014

02/07/2014 AM Workout

Today I am recovered from the shoveling marathon.  Yesterday was a rest day completely for me.  I only did a short 10 minute walk yesterday to get the blood moving and promote some blood flow towards recovery.

I just finished a 4 mile progression run with a 1 mile cool down.  By progression I mean that for the first 4 miles I got progressively faster, then ended with a cool down.  The times of each mile were as follows:

Mile 1-- 8:25
Mile 2-- 7:42
Mile 3-- 7:22
Mile 4-- 7:14
Mile 5-- 8:24

At this point, I can tell when I up the pace or lower it.  Since I have not been back solid into running for a solid stretch, I cannot set a pace yet.  Once I build up my base more and get the feel of different paces again, I will be able to do this type of a run with goal mile times.  All I knew today was that I was going faster each time, I didn't know how much faster.

Getting 5 miles in today felt good.  Doing it in the form of 130 laps in my gym was less than ideal.  However, if I want to run, I have to take what I can get sometimes.

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