Monday, February 3, 2014

02/03/2014 PM Workout

Tonight I gave the treadmill a rest and did a 45 minute high speed, no resistance session on the stationary bike.  I had to be averaging about 20 MPH for the duration and I felt good for most of the time.

After a couple days in a row of running and a long day of shoveling, snow blowing, and playing outside in the snow, I did end up feeling spent at the end.  It was good to be done.

I feel like I am getting in a nice rhythm with my fitness now.  It only takes me a few days to a week to feel like I am getting where I want to be.  Over the course of the next few days, I am looking to get in a few runs and a strong HIIT (definition here) workout or two.

Unfortunately, it also appears I am going to get in some more snow shoveling workouts as well.  Two more storms are predicted for this week.  Yeah!

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