Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Performance Review: Feetures! Socks, @feetures

I no longer wear cotton socks unless I am getting into bed and want a cushioned, soft feel.  Feetures! Ultra Light, no show socks are a game changer.  I haven't been running in anything else for about 5 years, but I have switched my daytime and regular everyday socks to the Feetures! as well.  About a year ago I switched full time to them.

They are very thin, super breathable, and indestructible.  I still have the original 3 pair that I bought 5 years ago to start running in.  They have kept their shape the whole time and still fit correctly.  I have not gotten a running related blister since I switched to these (except during the extreme race distances and types I have tried like the mountain run and the marathon).

I really do recommend even non runners go for the socks.  As I said, I wear them all the time.  They wick the moisture away from the foot so well, it's amazing.  I linked the name up above to the website.  Go, check their products out, buy stuff, be happy you did.

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Brian Robertson said...

Hey bro, good stuff, just read through all your posts. I really like the pnut butter ball recipe, might make some when I get back from vacation. Im training for the madrid half marathon right now in april, hoping to run sub 1:30, well see if this almost 40yo body can handle it. Good luck in your training and I look fwd to reading more. Q-tip, aka Brian Robertson