Friday, January 17, 2014

My Tentative 2014 Running Calendar

As I look toward 2014, I am trying to have a bit of a running and racing calendar in mind and now on paper (sort of). I think Maura thinks I'm a loon for how often I am looking at the same race calendars online! Based on training times and race proximity, and interest, I have outlined a tentative schedule below. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, let me know!

January to mid March--Build up my base of mileage

Mid March to Mid May--Add speed and tempo work

May 26th, 2014--First 10K ever at Ridgewood Run and 5K with Emma (her first), I'm doing both on the same day.

June--Find a local 5K to lower my PR which is currently 18:55 (possibly Woodcliff Lake 5K

June/July--More tempo, speed, and now hill work

July 19th, 2014--Running with the Devil

August-November--tempo, distance and speed work

As far as races after August, I'm looking for a half marathon, marathon & an ultra. 

Possibles include: Franklin Lakes halfSteamtown Marathon, NYC Marathon, Mountain Madness 50K, Knickerbocker 60K

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