Thursday, January 23, 2014

01/23/2014 PM Workout

I was able to skip the bike tonight so I am quite happy about that.  As a second workout today, I got in about 30 minutes of soccer with the U10 girls team I help coach.  I know, soccer with 10 year old girls a workout?  However, yes it was.

I only had 6 girls show up for practice because of other in season commitments from the others on the team.  Consequently, I immediately became a valuable member of a team throughout the whole second half of practice.  I played for both teams during the passing games and scrimmage and definitely consider 30 minutes of mild to moderate exercise a conservative estimation.

On a side note, playing soccer with U10 girls makes me feel old.  Jesus they are quick.  I think I now have to adjust my beliefs on the speed I possess.

I am fast.....for my age.  Thank God for age grouping at races!

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