Thursday, January 23, 2014

01/23/2014 AM Workout

In favor of not going outside in the 10 degree weather, I chose an inside workout this morning.  I started off with a half hour walk at 4 MPH.  2 miles in case the math started to fry your brain.  It was a good stretch of the legs and warmed me up nicely for my circuit activities that I followed up with.

I did the following set of exercises twice through with only a minute break in between rounds.  No breaks between individual exercises.

1.  2X 10 pull ups, 20 total
2.  farmer's walk for 1:30
3.  50 Russian twists
4.  10 single arm cleans each side, 25 lb. kettle
5.  20 kettle swings
6.  15 medicine ball slams, 12 lb. ball

The second time through I did 25 push ups instead of the pull ups.  Other than that, everything was the same.  It took me 15 minutes to the nose with the 1 minute break I had between the rounds.  It is a really heavy upper body workout.  This is what I have been focusing on more these days since I get a lot of lower body with the running and biking I do.

I am probably going to bike again tonight as a secondary workout for the day.  Without the ability to run often, I am itching to workout more so I can get my fitness level stronger.  I do not want to miss a lot of early running and lose fitness totally.

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