Wednesday, January 22, 2014

01/22/2014 PM Workout

Guess what's even more boring than running on a treadmill in your garage when it's only 17 degrees out?  Riding a stationary bike in your garage for 45 minutes instead because the treadmill will not turn on.  I headed out to the garage earlier knowing that it was too cold for the treadmill to turn on, but still hoping I might get lucky.  

No such luck.   I couldn't get it to turn on so I jumped on the bike.  I got in a high speed ride for 45 minutes at about 20-22 MPH.  It was a decent workout and I got a good sweat in with the bundle of clothes I had on.  

Tomorrow, with a better job of staying warm, I will brave the elements to get a good run in.  My focus from now through March is to really build my fitness/running base.  I want to head into April healthy and strong to start some specialized speed workouts and hill work.

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