Wednesday, January 15, 2014

01/15/2014 PM Workout

Today's workout will probably be one of the most important of the week.  It was a 45 minute, high speed stationary bike ride.  I use zero tension on the ride and pedal between 22-24 MPH consistently.  I started using this as a recovery workout a couple times a week during the height of my training in 2013.  After reading about the recovery benefits in an article (I think on Runner's World), I decided to add it to my routine last year.

The main benefit listed in the article I read was that is helped in the breaking up and release of lactic acid built up from previous hard workouts.  I noticed almost immediately that I had virtually no soreness when I utilized the bike sessions.  Also, when I did find soreness after particularly hard speed sessions or long runs, jumping on the bike helped a lot.  I felt very confident upping my running mileage once I added the bike rides because I felt more fresh.  I highly recommend to all runners to add this to their training.

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