Monday, April 16, 2018

04/16/2018 Strong 5 miler, fast finish and some NYC marathon notes

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I ran a strong 5 miles today.  I'm hoping to sneak in another run this evening as well.  On the day of the Boston Marathon, with such horrible weather taking place, I felt the need to hurt a little.  I ran a strong start to my 5 miler this afternoon, hitting about a 7:30ish pace through the first 4 miles.  I decided to run hard for the final mile and my split for mile 5 was 6:30.  I ran the full five miles in 36 and change.  I plan on this and next week being big mileage weeks.  I want to hit between 35-40 miles each week, finishing April as a strong 100 mile month.  I have 61 days until my relay, I need it to hurt a lot before then.

On the plus side, I have had a decent start to my fundraising for the NYC Marathon.  At least I think it's going ok.  Feel free to help out a little :)  The link to my charity page on Crowdrise is here.

I have a few months before any fundraising milestones hit with the charity so I am cautiously optimistic I will reach my goal.  Any little bit helps.  The Charity is called The Armory Foundation.  Click here for more information about it.

As I am offering all my donors, I am very willing to promote pages, or businesses that support my fundraising efforts.  Please reach out to me and I will support you will all I can give back.  

Friday, April 13, 2018

Boston Marathon is here, Patriot's Day 2 days away!

The Boston Marathon is held on Patriot's Day every year and this year could be a phenomenal event.  There are great runners as always, including a number of American runners in the men's and women's fields.  Here are some links to previews from various sites.

Women's Preview from Let'sRun

Men's Preview from Let'sRun

Full Preview from SI

Video Preview from Runnersworld

Boston Athletic Association Preview

Enjoy the race and then go out and get ready for your own!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

04/11/2018 6 miler, slow last few weeks, getting back out

Well, I got out for a nice 6 miler this morning at a pace around 7:38/mile.  It is nice out, sunny, but a little windy.  Over the last few weeks, I have drifted off a little from running.  Ever since the NYC Half, which was awesome by the way, but COLD.  I ran it in a decent, but just ok 1:36.  It was 29 degrees and windy, so yes it was COLD.  

Currently, my kids are participating in 6 teams, with 2 being coached by yours truly.  Also, still trying to sell the house, which means up keep and fixing, clearing garbage out and donating, etc.  Blah, Blah, Blah, right.  I have a ton of excuses. 

However, I just need to commit to kicking some ass.  It boils down to the fact that I, at some point, just began to quit based on the F-ing cold, garbage weather.  Anyway, I am back at it.  Nutrition is also going to be on point as well as I have 66 days until the Franklin Lakes Tri.  I don't want to be dragging my fat butt on the course.  I need to lose weight and run fast.  

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

02/27/2018 Today's run, 98 miles for the month, tomorrow is the day of reckoning...

Coming off the 10 miler yesterday, I felt a little sore and old.  I need some Glucosamine I think.  I might need to lube the joints against, like I used to.  I ran a strong 8 mile run today at virtually the same pace as my 10 miler yesterday.  However, today, the pace was a little more of an effort.  Running on the tired legs took some work, but I made it happen.  It was interesting though that from the first step, through the first couple miles, I had a random cramp in my side again.  I have no idea why.  I didn't eat or drink too close to running, not thirty, etc.

Coming off 141 miles last month, I really wanted to keep the momentum up this month as well.  With last week off, I won't be anywhere near 141 miles, but I have 98 total this month.  Tomorrow is the final day of the month, so I will break 100 again.  By how much will I break it?  I will see how I feel tomorrow :)  I do know I want to go between 6-10 miles, definitely a little slower pace than Monday and today.  March, April, and May will again be big months for me, with mileage and speed work.

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning.  Do you know why?  It is the lottery draw for the NYC Marathon in November.  I got in by lottery in 2015, 2016, skipped 2017 (stupid move), and now I am itching to run again in 2018.  I love it, no race compares to it.  Can I possibly get in by lottery a 3rd time in 4 years?  We'll know soon enough.  Wish me luck!

02.26.2018 Back from a 9 day vacation, a strong 10 miler

I say I had a 9 day vacation, that just means that the fam was off from school for the week and I didn't get out for any running.  That's ok though, I think I am doing a good job, coming off 140 in January and I had 80 in February before the break.  

I was itching to get out for a run by the time the week ended.  I got out for a strong 10 miler after work Monday, keeping my pace at 7:27/mile.  It felt like an effort, but not an exhaustive one.  

For the first 6 miles, the pace ranged from 7:25-7:45/mile.  I then stepped it up to finish, with the final 4 miles being splits of 6:58-7:13.  Roughly speaking, I had a negative split by around 2 minutes.  Coming off a little break, I was satisfied, even though I got a weird cramp for a mile or so during the run.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

02.15.2018 Recovery Run to loosen the joints

Coming off the 15 miler yesterday, lots of stuff felt rusty and less than smooth today.  I decided to try and get some extra walking in as much as possible early on.  Trying to get the kinks out.  I felt pretty much the same over the course of the day.  This afternoon, I got started on my recovery run and after the first mile, I felt a million times better.  It's always quick work for me to feel smooth again.  Since I have been taking notice of my recovery pace and making sure it's a recuperating run, not a workout, I generally get some real benefit from the recovery run.

I was fluid again by around 9 minutes into my run.  I did briefly speed up once I started to feel good, but quickly reined it in and kept a slower moving time.  Overall, the 6 miles I did today took me 50:57, a pace of about 8:30/mile.

Tomorrow, I am still up in the air whether I want to get in another workout, some speed work on hills or simply get another run in.  I always like getting workouts in, but tomorrow I will break 40 miles for the week, not sure if such a big week for me should have a speed session only two days after a 15 miler.  Still deciding what to do.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

02.14.2018 Squeezed in a long run, no fuel

I don't always get a chance to squeeze in a run before work, but when I do, it makes the rest of the day easier.  I was able to bang out a 15 mile long run today and other than mile 13, everything went great.  After warming up a couple miles around 8:00/mile pace, I started banging out miles around 7:30 pace, nice and easy.  Then, without fuel to keep me going, I ran into a major climb and no energy in mile 13.  F, it broke me and took like 10 minutes.  At the top, I got a second wind and was determined to finish up my 15 and put in a couple more miles at a respectable pace of 8:20ish/mile.  

Important points from today's run:

1. You aren't as strong as you think you are.--  No more long runs of 10+ miles without some fuel.  I don't need to be Superman, I need to get in good workouts.  I need fuel to do that above 11+ miles.

2.  You are stronger than you think you are.--  All I mean is that I really wanted to stop and be done during mile 13, and for get the last coupple miles.  However, I wouldn't do it, knowing what I want 2018 to be for me.  I sucked it up and finished respectably.  

3.  No matter how many times you have done the same route, pay attention to the sidewalk.--  I took a sweet, non-injury fall today because of a nice bump in the sidewalk.  It's a stretch of walkway I have run a thousand times and will run a thousand more.  Hopefully, that is the only time I fall on it.

4.  A Diet Coke after a long run is glorious.--Don't bother telling me how bad Diet Coke is for me.  I don't give a shit after 15 miles.  Yummy

Depending on how tomorrow's recovery run goes, I will either do a second easy day in a row on Friday and end the week with 40-42 miles, or I will do 1/4 mile hill repeats Friday to finish the week.  Right now I am tired so no decisions are being made.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

02/13/2018 Strong 8 miler, windy and chilly

I set out today intending to do a strong 8 miler and that's what I ended up with.  However, when I got out there about a mile or so in, I toyed with the idea of going for 15-16 today instead of waiting for the warmer temps tomorrow.  I went back and forth for about 4 miles and finally decided to stick with the plan and do 8 miles today and 15-16 miles tomorrow.  My pace today was great, but a little quick for what I want to do on a 15 miler.  A 7:29/mile pace is about 15 seconds a mile to strong for my long run pace.  Tomorrow, coming off two decent run days in a row, I will settle for 7:50-8:00/mile on my long run.

If you look at my splits, they are all pretty rockin, except for mile seven.  Mile seven is the mile that includes a 3/4 mile climb of about 5-6% incline.  It's a bitch.  That's why I try to run it as much as possible.  Mile two on the other hand is the downhill version of that, so a nice low number.

Ok, so another strong week off to a good start.  Just to check in, this month I have 54.2 miles in so far.  I plan to get as far above 100 miles for the month as I can.  If this week finishes as I have planned it to, I will be around 80 miles after Friday.  We'll see.

Monday, February 12, 2018

02.12.2018 Quick 7 miler in the wind

Coming off the race the other day, I wanted to get out and start the week well with a strong run.  I got out for 7 miles and kept the pace pretty quick.  After my first mile, warming up a bit, I averaged no worse than 7:26/mile.  Overall, my pace was 7:27/mile.

If you take out the first mile warm up, my pace for the 6 miles to finish was 7:22/mile.  That isn't a huge difference, but seeing a good stretch of miles at a solid pace of 7:22 shows the continued fitness.  

This week will continue strong hopefully, building toward a 40+ mile week.  I have only 30+ days until the half marathon.  If you take out the final week for a taper, it leaves just a couple weeks for building in some miles and some speed work.  The rest of the week, will include a long run, a speed session of hill repeats, and a couple regular runs.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

02.10.2018 Race: 2nd place overall at Cupid's Chase 5K, Glen Rock, NJ

My second race of the year and it's only February.  I went into today not knowing what the last 150+ miles in the last 40 days would do for me.  Cautiously, I was hoping for about a 19:30 today, believing the training would help, but knowing I need more speed work to really get faster.  Also, racing or running in mid 30's temps feels like a win these days as well.

This is the 3rd or 4th time I have done the Cupid's Chase in Glen Rock.  It is a little smaller, with finishers in the 200's probably.  The last time I did it, a couple years ago, it was like 12 degrees.  I hated it.  Also, I have finished over 20 minutes all previous times as it's so early in the year.

The course is pretty flat and it is marked fine.  I wish there were mile split clocks, but it is a small raise, and a fundraiser for special needs individuals in the community and nation.  

Red Shirt 1st, me 2nd, Spartan sweats 3rd
I ran out fast and right away, within 200 meters, it was only three of us.  It was myself in 3rd , a guy I beat in Fair Lawn last month was second, and a guy that beat me last month in the lead.  It stayed that way for the whole first mile.  My early thought was, the guy in the lead would win as he looked strong and beat me by a decent margin on January 1st.  I did think however, that I would be able to get the other guy that I had beaten last month.  He is a bigger guy, with less than optimal form.

Mile two stayed pretty much the same, except all of us got closer together, which was great for me.  I wanted to stay in touch with them as I knew it was a 3 runner race.  I didn't really see or have any contact with anyone behind me when I looked on turns.  Also, mile two provided the only real inclines, which I definitely used to close the gaps.  They weren't big, but I felt strong on them and gained probably 50 feet on first place and about 10 feet on the guy right in front of me.  

During mile three, at some point we were within 15 feet of each other.  Then, the big guy slid into first and the other guy stayed even with me.  The big guy was still within 20 feet of both of us, so it was still a battle for top three.

About .6 miles left in the race, I moved into second place on a decent downhill stretch into a turn to the finish.  I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to hold him off, but I did and finished in second.  I ran 19:04, behind the leader by a handful of seconds, and in front of third by around the same.

That was a solid 55 seconds faster than last month in Fair Lawn.  I did forget to mention that I had a shoelace come undone in mile 1, about 4 minutes into the race.  I was really pleased.  Overall though, I couldn't be happier.  I am only 9 seconds off my PR already, and I have several races in front of me.  Training is paying off and I can't wait to put in a big week starting on Monday!